The doorways are opening on a New Way, a New Life. The sacred ones are gathering around. Building a quantum field of Light around you. This is a new way for you. These sacred ones are uplifting you moment by moment soon to be octave by octave as dispensation pour forth to you. Calling to your soul to embrace the New Way. Calling to you to give permission to open to the new magnificence that your soul is embodying in each and every moment. Softening your heart and allowing all to meet you with the reverence and honour of the master that you are. There is no time like the present. This is the most auspicious time for you to decide. This is all you have to do …. is decide and then allow. For all will unfold in the gentleness of love and support your soul to find it’s true path, the real you. The you that has no doubt and that just knows. The you that begins to walk the path of your mastery that begins to invite into your life the most wondrous knowledge, the most amazing insights and the most breath taking experiences in the simplicity of each moment. It is not complicated. It is simple. It is real and it is you. May God bless your way. May our creator inspire you in the way that excites your life. Ask and you shall receive. Namaste.