“Wisdom is an experience…”


Ky’lama has been an intuitive practitioner and facilitator for almost 20 years.

Ky’lama works with people from the perspective of his desire to support people to be empowered and to be connected to their highest truth.

Ky’lama’s intention is to assist each person to align with the inate gifts that they hold. Ky’lama supports them to tap into their unique purpose, potential and higher truth and to fashion a life and path of expression of inspiration, creativity and fulfilment.

Ky’lama’s group and individual sessions support the soul to be liberated from old patterns and habits and ways of being and embrace an expansion in awareness and consciousness that opens to new perspectives, opportunities and experiences that are part of a new birthed vision for your life.

Ky’lama has facilitated meditations and courses for groups for almost 20 years and is able to hold a clear and nurturing space for all to be supported to transform and enhance their life experience.

Ky’lama’s individual sessions are a powerful energetic experience and through his intuitive abilities are an insightful support for you on your journey.


It’s been such a blessing to meet Ky’lama. He came into my life at a time when I was undergoing a lot of inner and outer stress and health issues. He has helped me to get to some of the roots of deeply held blockages and programs, gently releasing many layers, helping me heal and transform, and to expand my consciousness.  Ky’lama is an amazing channel and healer bringing through powerful energies and frequencies thanks to his ever deepening connection with the enlightened realms.  I love being in that healing space with him, always feeling held and totally accepted and totally trusting the process he is guiding me though. I love his clarity and gentleness.  Ky’lama and I have never met in person, as I live outside of Australia and hence all our interactions have been on skype or by email. This has not at all impacted on the feeling of trust I was able to develop and the impact of the work we did together (.. if only to reinforce the hope that one day there will be the joy of meeting in person). I can wholeheartedly recommend Ky’lama to anybody who is seeking a powerful and gentle support on his/her spiritual journey.

Elisabeth – Switzerland – Mediator- Workplace Relations Consultant – Ombudsman


I have benefited enormously from the counsellor of light sessions with you. The main focus for the 3 terms has been around embracing my divine feminine nature, opening myself to love and healing blocks to receiving love and welcoming in a   loving partnership. As you know I have struggled with being in a loving, intimate relationship most of my life. I am aware, being born on St Valentine’s day that opening to and receiving love is my main lesson in this lifetime. The COL sessions have helped me a great deal to release entrenched patterns in my life, especially fears of being loved and being in a relationship. I feel much lighter and ready to move forward now in this way.  My heart is also much more open and many people have noticed the change. My connection with the Divine Feminine   and to unconditional love has deepened. When this started to occur, a wonderful opportunity came up for me to work more with the divine feminine and give blessings to other women to awaken this in them too. I feel ready now to keep moving forward in this lovely, harmonious and connected way working with the Divine Feminine.

It was a real honour and a true blessing for me to work with you, Ky’lama. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your kindness and patience in working with me and your amazing gifts from spirit that you shared so openly and freely at all times. You have a true gift. Keep sharing it with the world. I enjoyed working with you and am pleased I will still be able to call upon you for future COL sessions.

Bless you, bless you, bless you!

Much love, Amakara


The Joy of working with Kylama is such a gift – to be Present in his Presence is a true Blessings – and this is what Kylama supports so deeply.  It is so beautiful to be able to share with someone what is going on for you – and to see and hear you are being heard on all levels.

Thank You so much Kylama for our year’s journey together, I honour you and love you and the time that we have spent together in Sacred Ceremony and Harmony.

Blessing to you, Ama’taria xoxoxoxooxx


“I experienced Ky’lama as a loving and wise spiritual mentor, a gifted and accurate akasha reader and a skillful and powerful healer and energy transmitter.

I know him having a big, compassionate and gentle heart always willing to assist and support beings, in particular with his spiritual knowledge, gifts and strong connections.

I recognize him to be a great soul and a true blessing for the Earth and all humanity. Thank you greatly dear Ky’lama for all your service”.

Monica – Lawyer – Switzerland – Spiritual Name – Sakara, Light worker and keeper of Angelic Law”


“Thank you Ky’lama for just another extremely profound & delicate work you did. I came out of your multi-dimenional healing session feeling balanced, hopeful and that real shift had occurred within me along with deep healing during integration. I am so grateful of the Divine guidance but I am even more grateful for Ky’lama who stand firm radiate his light & grounding the whole clearing & healing process with his great compassion to this realm. The sessions I received are always profoundly explained, skillfully executed & lovingly embraced each time,  in both skype session or in person. Ky’lama is a beloved teacher who visited HK many times teaching many useful tools & leaving inspirational footprints that assist our own healing a long way. I am very blessed & am forever grateful for having benefited all these. Thank You Ky’lama. Namaste.”

Phoebe, Hong Kong – Senior Interior Designer


My respect for Ky’lama and his work is such that I attend every course he has in Sydney. I also have a private healing session at this time.

His work is so profound that I like to experience the energetic shifts that he facilitates, whenever I can.

To not do so, would be to miss an extraordinary opportunity to heal myself on many levels and dimensions.

Ky’lama is an exceptional spiritual teacher and healer.

Glenda – Sydney, Australia – Practitioner of RAW and Chiron Healing.


If you want to tap into your not yet activated and utilised God given gifts ie Upgrade and recharge through Ky’lama’s workshops, courses and private healings. He will facilitate you with their installation and activation. It is just up to you to work with them. Activating our bodies healing intelligence and abilities and also assisting us in knowing and using more of who we are.

Through the many years I have been fortunate to have these opportunities, these ongoing benefits, by attending as much of his work and healings as possible, I continue my journey towards my hope of living “Heaven as a fully functional state” (as a permanent state).

Thank you Mark/Ky’lama you are blessing.

Valerie, Sydney, Australia – Reflexologist, Gait Repatterning, Chiron Healer,



I have had the pleasure of receiving Ky’lama’s healing work in a number of workshops and personal sessions, and would strongly recommend anyone moving through resistance and open more to their path and who they truly are, do so also.

He is a wonderful kind compassionate and dedicated healer and teacher who shares from the Heart. Each time I have worked  with him I experienced a great shift in my life and I am so grateful for  all his assistance and all that he brings to us all.

Adam Schumack, Sydney, Australia – Entrepeneur, Musician and Raconteur.


I have always found sessions with Ky’lama deeply nurturing and generous.

Ky’lama has always been able to see right into the point of what I have bought to the session as pain and stress in my life circumstances. He always facilitates healing to take place at a deep and profound level, far beyond the realms of my mind and my feelings.

Venus, Mullumbimby, Australia – Business Owner, Photographer.


Whenever I, my husband or my daughters need a healing, there is only one person we turn to. Whenever someone asks me to recommend a spiritual healer, one person is always at the top of my list.

Ky’lama is a gifted and clear channel for accessing information then activating the processes that are needed at the time. He works at deep levels and is able to shine light on events in the past and present lifetimes that you need to let go of or heal and is totally supportive in aligning you to the process for the now.

I have always found a healing with Ky’lama to be a truly transformational experience and I recommend him to anyone.

Kerry, Melbourne, Australia – Sound Healer/Channel.


Ky’lama’s formal training has been:

Bowen Therapist 1992

Qualified Homoeopath 1994

Chiron Healing Practitioner 1998

Pleiadian Lightwork Practitioner and Teacher 2001

Graduate of the Seer Program G.A.I.A Mystery School Program 2003

Mentor for the GAIA Mystery School Program 2007

Mentor for the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence 2014