Ky’lama is a gifted healer.

He offers profound attunement / master healing sessions for both groups and individuals.

He is dedicated to inspiring people to release limitations from their lives and to help them embrace the unique gift that they are to the Earth at this time.

What Is Currently Being Offered

Ky’lama E-Courses available.

1.Inner Harmony

2. Feeling Safe

3. Activating The Heart of Unconditional Love for Humanity

4. Aligning Your Earth Bodies to your Heavenly Bodies.

More details – www.kylama.com/services/group-facilitation

Coming in 2018.


24 February 2018 – Return to Your Own Essence.

See details    https://www.facebook.com/kylama.telos

Also https://www.facebook.com/kylamahealing/

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