“The jewel that you are…..polish regularly to allow it’s brilliance to shine.”

Ky’lama is a very gifted healer.

He is able to bring an immense variety of energies to address many different levels of consciousness that are held within so that deeper healing and greater harmony, integration and balance is created.

He is dedicated to inspiring people to release limitations from their lives and to help them embrace the unique gift that they are to the Earth at this time.

His work is beyond time or space and facilitates quantum shifts that allow you to embrace new perspectives on life.

To Contact Ky’lama ~ info@kylama.com

Most of Ky’lama’s sessions are offered through meditation processes and energy transference as Ky’lama works with a team of Enlightened (Ascended) Masters and Healers to transform energy, the body and consciousness.

His work will facilitate you to move through challenges more effortlessly and begin to open to a new future that aligns your life with greater potentials. This will lead to bringing greater fulfillment to your journey and seek to connect you to a deeper sense of what your life purpose is.


Hi Kylama,

With gratitude, I am really guided to write this since March. I hope to share this to whom it may concern for others to receive great work from you too, if resonant. Sure you have too many of these & may not require one ; ) Anyway, please allow me to express my deepest gratitude as is indeed. Namaste.


“Thank you Kylama for just another extremely profound & delicate work you did. I came out of your multi-dimenional healing session feeling balanced, hopeful and that real shift had occurred within me along with deep healing during integration. I am so grateful of the Divine guidance but I am even more grateful for Kylama who stand firm radiate his light & grounding the whole clearing & healing process with his great compassion to this realm. The sessions I received are always profoundly explained, skillfully executed & lovingly embraced each time,  in both skype session or in person. Kylama is a beloved teacher who visited HK many times teaching many useful tools & leaving inspirational footprints that assist our own healing a long way. I am very blessed & am forever grateful for having benefited all these. Thank You Kylama. Namaste.”

Senior Interior Designer
HK 2013


To Whom It May Concern

My respect for Kylama and his work is such that I attend every course he has in Sydney. I also have a private healing session at these times.

His work is so profound that I wish to experience the Energetic Shifts that he facilitates, whenever I can.

To not do so, would be to miss an extraordinary opportunity to heal myself on many levels and dimensions. Kylama is an exceptional spiritual teacher and healer.

Glenda Maria Harris (Sydney, Australia) – Practitioner of RAW and Chiron Healing.


To Whom It May Concern

If you want to tap into your not yet activated and utilised God given Gifts  ie Upgrade and recharge through Kylama’s Workshops, courses and private healings. He will facilitate you with their installation and activation. It is just up to you to work with them. Activating our bodies healing intelligence and abilities and also assisting us in Knowing and using more of who we are.

Through the many years I have been fortunate enough to have had these opportunities, these ongoing benefits, by attending as much of his work and healings as possible, I continue my journey towards my hope of “Living Heaven as a Fully Functional State” (as a permanent state).

Thank you Mark/Kylama you are a Blessing.

Valerie Rose Barton (Sydney, Australia) –  Reflexologist, Gait Repatterning, Chiron Healing, Channel.


I have had the pleasure of experiencing Ky’lama’s healing work in a number of workshop and personal sessions, and would strongly recommend anyone looking to move through resistance and open more to their path and to who they truly are, do so also.

He is a wonderful, kind, compassionate and dedicated healer and teacher who shares from the heart. Each time I have worked with him I have experienced a great shift in my life and I am so grateful for all of his assistance, and all that he brings to us all.

Adam Schumack (Sydney, Australia) – Musician and Raconteur.


“I have always found sessions with Ky’lama deeply nurturing and generous.

Ky’lama has been able to see right into the point of what I have brought to a session as pain and stress in my life circumstances. He always facilitates healing to take place at a deep and profound level, far beyond the realms of my mind and my feelings.”

Venus Kondos (Mullumbimby, Australia) – Photographer, Healer.


Whenever I, my husband or daughter’s needs a healing, there is only one person we turn to. Whenever someone asks me to recommend a spiritual healer, one person is always at the top of my list.

Ky’lama is a gifted and clear channel for accessing information then activating the processes which are needed at that time.

He works at very deep levels and is able to shine light on events in past and present lifetimes that you need to let go of or heal and is totally supportive in the process of realigning you for the now.

I have always found a healing with Ky’lama to be truly a transformational experience and I recommend him to anyone.

Kerry Stewart (Sydney, Australia) – Sound Healer