“The jewel that you are …. polish regularly to allow its brilliance to shine.“

Private Sessions

Attunement Master Healing Sessions

Ky’lama is a channel of divine healing energy.

Ky’lama’s sessions are overlighted by Celestial and Archangelic Healers and the Ascended Masters.

The sessions are to assist you to return to greater harmony and wholeness.

Ky’lama may read your Akashic Records or work with the inner dynamics of your soul to support you to find greater peace within.

Ky’lama may identify soul aspects in your sub conscious or unconscious to work with or release negative beliefs, soul retrieval (soul parts lost in the past), past life regression or anything else that he feels guided to work on to support wholeness.

Ky’lama is able to deliver sessions in person, by phone, by skype or by distance healing.

CONTACT:  info@kylama.com

The potential of what you may receive is ……

  • Realignment and recalibration of chakras and meridians and your energy field (aura)
  • Alignment of Chakra Column to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (Higher Awareness)
  • Clearing Old Paradigms of Consciousness, old memories and emotions in the energy body through to cellular levels including bone and organ tissue
  • Activation and Re encodement of DNA
  • Clearing, activation and alignment of Light Body / Merkaba and Higher Dimensional Consciousness Self
  • Realignment of Energy Bodies into Divine Now Time
  • Empowerment Support towards Self Mastery through connecting with Divine Plan Encodements
  • Sacred Divine healings for all that you are.

Sessions can also involve in depth readings of chakras and energy body and aura and looking at patterns that need to be addressed and to begin resolution of these. This will look at contracts, beliefs and past life memories and anything else that the Higher Self feels needs addressing.

These attunement / master healing sessions generally go for 2.0 hours including a short period at the beginning for consultation and determining what is affecting you or pulsing you to resolve at this time.

How to book a Session:

Individual Sessions are available –In Person, By Skype, By Phone.

Please contact Ky’lama at info@kylama.com.