Lord Sananda steps forth into the sacred space around you. Close your eyes take a moment to centre yourself and allow your attention to drop into the centre of your heart space. Taking slow gentle easy breaths.

The Christ light begins to envelop you ever so gently. Bringing you into a space of deep peace and love. Allowing you to look/to see yourself through the eyes of Christ. Allow the energy to ever so gently permeate through your energy field bringing you to an appreciation of your own goodness. The essence of you. Feeling the gentle shower of golden lovelight. Breathe and allow yourself to be bathed in this. Allow several moments for this to occur.

Your central pillar of consciousness is receiving alignment to the Christ mantle. This shower of golden lovelight holds you in the gaze of the Christ. Allowing you to relax and receive this beautiful soft energy.

Let go and let God.

Blessed Be.