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Saturday 29 July 2017 to  Saturday 15 October 2017

Reclaim. Regenerate. Release Trauma.

I am offering this course as 10 sessions over about 13 weeks (there are breaks for a week for integration).

This course offers you the opportunity to work deeply with trauma in your archetypes such as Inner Child, Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine.

The sessions help you to delve deeply into these archetypes to lift and release anything that has been blocking your path. Much of what we experience, the origins of which can be buried in the subconscious and unconscious. Sometimes we get to understand more deeply what this is about and yet other times we don’t need to know we just need to let go.

Some of this is in your ancestral/genetic lineage that may not be yours. This course addresses ancestral and genetic influences that are aspects of consciousness that our soul has incarnated with a connection to these experiences and we have an agreement to clear them for our ancestral lineage.

This course is about helping you to find a path to your inner self that holds love healing peace harmony and ultimately a deeper fulfilment.

Trauma can be a difficult experience to shift from the consciousness. Trauma particularly from early childhood can later in life create chronic health problems and illness. It is something that requires patience, persistence, acknowledgement, acceptance and love.

Trauma is usually an obstacle to us being able to experience our true self as the impact of past experiences has created a separation or disconnection from who we truly are. The processes and exercises I will offer during these 10 sessions support for you to come to a better place within yourself that creates a platform for greater stability and harmony.

It is important in this work to create a clear intention and goal so that consciousness is able to feel supported through a clear directive and path of healing.

During the 10 weeks a weaving and healing process will occur for you on this journey. There will be releasing, cleansing and purifying and releasing of old paradigms so the new you can emerge. A new sense of self will occur. You will feel as if you are reclaiming yourself regenerating yourself and releasing the past trauma and limitation.

There will be 10 sessions of 2 hours duration online  where you will be offered energetic healing to move you through the past and align to your potential of your future.

We will be doing some gentle exercises lying on the floor called dolphin brain repatterning. These exercises gently unlock old holding patterns in the muscles and skeletal system and re establish neural plasticity and resilience.

The course is offered on Saturday evenings 8pm – 10pm Sydney time. All sessions are recorded and if you are unable to make live sessions for any reason, you can receive the recording and do it afterwards.

The first session starts Saturday July 29, 2017. You can request a time schedule of all the sessions.

Energy Exchange:  $350 if paid up front.  $38/session if pay as you go along.


Can highly recommend this course – it is awesome! CO. Sydney.
Highly recommend this course too. KL. HK.
Can highly recommend this course. I did the previous course and it was very deep and profound work. I have definitely reclaimed more of myself.
Thank you Ky’lama 💛 💖 💙 GB. Sydney.

The 10 week course was profound. We had great shifts working with the Inner Child, Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine. Thank You Ky’lama. ES.Vic.




Ky’lama is a transmissional channel of divine healing energy.

Ky’lama’s Attunement Master Healing Sessions are a blessing to your soul.

The sessions are conducted through a field of energy transference that creates a quantum shift in your consciousness. Ky’lama will assist you to create a clear intention and objective for the session and will tune in and read the energy of what is occurring and assist with creating a space of deep communion, resolution and healing of what is occurring.

Ky’lama will assist you in gaining clarity, deeper self acceptance and love, and bring you into a space of deeper inner harmony and a path to greater fulfillment.

Ky’lama’s sessions are all unique – no two are the same. Ky’lama intuitively connects to your energy field and looks at what is challenging you at the time and creates a field of energy around you calling in assistance from the Angelic realms, the Celestial realms and the Ascended Masters to transform what is happening for you so that you are supported to move forward in your life.

The energy that is transmitted in the sessions is a crystalline high frequency encoded vibrational wave(s) of sound, light and love. It is channelled by Ky’lama’s Presence and guides as they create these energies to address the imbalances that are being focused on in the session. What you receive in the session is beyond the mind and you receive much more than it is possible to fully describe due to the subtle refined and complex nature of the energies. This is why it is described as a divine blessing because it stretches far beyond what is stated or spoken.

Ky’lama supports you to be your potential.

Session Exchange : HKD 2200 ~ 2 hours.


Ky’lama is offering Akashic Heart Readings.

Ky’lama’s Akashic Heart readings reveal what is the inner challenge you are facing at this time. What other influences underline your process in the present moment.

Ky’lama will address these issues through creating a field of higher consciousness and healing around you and through the assistance of the Emissaries of Light will bring to you an experience that resets your soul and aligns it to a field of greater potential, peace and harmony.

Ky’lama’s sessions envelop you in Love and bring you back to your own essence and the experience of yourself as a being of consciousness and light and supports you in taking steps in your life that support a future with greater harmony, oneness, Presence and peace.

Ky’lama can support you to find clarity in your life and to assist you to understand better your future direction and path.

Ky’lama’s sessions are presented as a meditation and takes you into a space of greater oneness.

Session Exchange: HKD 1400 ~ 60 – 70 minutes


Byron Bay

All Year – Attunement Master Healing Sessions

Monthly – Online through Skype group Activation Attunement sessions.

All Online group sessions recorded and available for purchase.