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By December 24, 2013 Blog

Christmas Blessing

Tis Christmas Eve beloved hearts. As the veil of Yuletide descends more deeply around us. Opening the heart to receive the truth of yuletide. The blessings of the season – peace and love. The world is blessed by this sacrament at this time. The heavens are supporting all at this time of year. The heavens(the heavenly energies) gather around you wrapping you in the blanket of support. The touch that heals. That makes you feel special. Close your eyes still your mind and invite the grace of this beautiful gift to yourself now. You are here on this earth – blessing us with your divine nature. Sacred gifts of crystalline golden light are being placed in your heart now. Allowing you to call all parts back to you now. Opening your heart to all that you are. Acknowledging the light that you as a soul hold on this earth. Call all parts back and allow the light to shine brightly out from your heart. Allowing your self to connect your central cord into the earth as you ground this now into the dimensions of the core of the earth – to Mother Gaia. Drawing your soul into alignment with her as your consciousness moves deeper and deeper into Being. The Higher Being that is you. The connection to all dimensions of consciousness that you as a soul have agreed to activate in your journey on Mother Earth in this lifetime(s). A grounding, a knowing, a belonging. The Golden Blessings of the Christ reign down over you now. Wave upon wave. Take several moments to receive this now. As you breathe now just breathe in the peace of this. As it nurtures and then sustains you. Washing over you, touching you, deeply holding you, gifting you, blessing you. Blessed Be.

Thank you for sharing this journey this year. May Christmas be joyous full of love and peace and that all your heart dreams for 2014 manifest in the most glorious way for all. Much Love. xxxooo