We are all held in Light. The light is exponential. It is the potential. It holds the doorway to the New Way ahead. The support is gathered around …. waiting for the moment of Truth. the decision, the recognition the understanding that you are IT! The heart swells as it opens deeper and deeper into the Heart of Oneness ever acknowledging your creative force your love your perfection your uniqueness that never has and never will be replicated. You are the one and only. The treasure that we the world have been waiting for. Suspend disbelief as you close your eyes move your consciousness to the centre of your heart and gently open to the expansiveness of all that you are. Allowing yourself to gently slowly expand into the infinite nature of your being. Unable to be constrained by any one or anything. Knowing the perfection of yourself your life. allow the inner reflections to take you on wondrous journeys of discovery that will be guided by the infinite wisdom of your soul as you allow all to come to you that represents your destiny. Just quietly choose to be your destiny and allow. For this enables you to immerse yourself in something that comes upon you blends with you oversouls you merges with as you give yourself permission to just let go of all preconceived views perspectives choices beliefs even contracts for now you are merging with the future potential of your soul effortlessly. The old notions are now just falling away you know this for you are relaxed and ready. There is no difficulty drama or pretense there is just grace and gifting and becoming. WELCOME. You are becoming. We acknowledge you. We bow to you. We recognise you. We honour you. NAMASTE.