We are all one. We are the moment. We are held in time and space as all moves in harmony and unison aligning with our thoughts and feelings our inspirations our aspirations our highest truth. Which do you choose. What is it we are willing to co create here on Earth …. is it Heaven or is ……? The light is opening surrounding and then enveloping you. The moment has arrived. You are the One. The path forward is opening to you. Light illuminates the centre of your mind bringing an opening into the infinite possibilities your soul is. Hold that thought, that intention. Do not waver from it for it is the key to the new way. This intention draws to you your new life. Surrendering all that is the past and inviting in the grace of your future for it is that which you deserve. You are deserving of all your highest aspirations. Allow these to be placed in a Universal field of manifestation that holds all your deepest desires and passions. Put them all in here. Do not leave anything out, no matter how bashful you may feel or no matter how trivial or material your needs may feel. It is all a part of the sacredness that is you. As you embrace all these parts of you the universe begins to support the unfolding of all parts of you. The freeing and liberating of you. All of you as a deep surrender begins to occur in your own time and space. Your own grace. Your own love. The Universe is aligning in the most profound way. This alignment has not occurred ever before in recorded or unrecorded history. The creation portal of the Universe is realigning in our time and space that creates the effect of infinite possiblilities. You are loved, we are one, the time is now. Namaste.