Archangelic Blessings

ArchAngel Michael comes forth into the field of light around you now. Close your eyes go within and take a moment to centre yourself. Breathing in through a field of golden light as you connect to your inner heart. Open the doorway to the Inner Sanctuary of your Heart  as you connect to the inner heart with your breath. Just intend for this to occur. Allow this intention to come from your heart.

AA Michael takes his sword and cuts a swathe of light around you. Illuminating your field of light around you…. awakening it with golden droplets of light. As these dissolve and merge with your energy field they begin to soothe and bless you. Bringing gentle relaxation and releasing to your energy and your body. Take a few moments with this.

A beautiful Angelic Presence begins to connect around you holding the mantle of angelic light. Helping to balance and stabilise you through this angelic field. Taking a few moments to allow this to connect to you to ground you and to balance you ….. just breathing and receiving. This angelic presence just being with you.

A column of crystalline light now begins to align with your central pillar. Centreing you, axitonally aligning you. Strengthening your inner connection. Clearing your pillar connection. Breathe and receive this and allow some moments for this connection.

A beautiful golden crystal matrix is now placed over your crown chakra. This activates a reorganising and restructuring of  this spiritual doorway and aligning it now to a higher octave of truth for you. Breathe and receive this for a few moments once again.

Hands of Light gently come around your aura and begin to infuse balance and repair parts of your aura and your auric bodies. Gifting and dispensing to you exactly that which you need to return you to harmony and centredness. Breathe and receive this for several moments.

A beautiful cocoon of white light is wrapped around you now sealing your energies and this is infused with glyphs and codes and messages of divine inspiration to support your soul at this time. Breathe and receive and take a few moments of reflection as this completes.

Blessed Be.