Archangelic Blessings

Archangelic Michael steps forth into the sacred space around you. Close your eyes breathe and centre your energies in your heart.

Archangel Michael places golden spheres of light down through your crown chakra. They travel down your chakra column into the pathways of your inner self.  Illuminating these pathways within your inner body. Breathe and allow this now.

Gently these spheres expand and open you more deeply to your more expanded nature. They assist in creating a pathway for release of all that is not of your highest good any longer.  Once again breathe and allow this.

The sword of truth is threaded down through your chakra column axitonally aligning you in greater clarity to your higher self.

Beautiful crystal flowers begin opening within your chakras –  blooming, illuminating and blessing your chakras, softening your chakras and helping your chakras to transmute and transform.  Breathe and receive and allow some moments for this to occur.

Sacred Pyramids of Light are being placed in your chakras aligning you  to greater potentials and  activating complex geometries of light within the chakras for your higher evolution. Again breathe and receive and allow some moments for this to occur.

Gently the sword of truth is placed through your Earth Star Chakra and into the Earth opening the doorway to the inner earth drawing you into the centre of the Earth and Mother Gaia grounding you into the heart of Mother Gaia. Deeper and deeper into the heart of Mother Gaia. Breathe and allow for several moments.

Breathing now and connecting back to your body and present time. Breath all the way through to the soles of your feet.

Coming back to present time.

Blessed Be.