The doorways of Light open around you. Asking you to close your eyes and gently centre your energies inside your heart.

A large column of light is connecting you up through the dimensions and your higher self pillar. Opening you up to a higher potential of your knowing and wisdom.

The energies are activating your merkaba, spinning it and aligning it, opening you through the dimensions.

Recalibrating your chakra spin as you open up to the universal doorways of light.

As these doorways open the new is opened. The new you begins to step forward into the doorways of your consciousness and begins to braid a new level of light to you.

Reconfiguring your soul reclaiming the lost parts of you that have now been rediscovered as they begin to open to you now.

Beginning a new phase of developement that creates a new paradigm of love of healing of oneness and completion.

Taking this into your heart now so that it spins and unifies through your heart gateway and allows the reconnection of your soul.

Blending all in divine wholeness and love.

Blessed Be.