Archangelic Blessings

AA Metatron steps forth into the sacred space around you and opens the field of light to you. Take a moment to centre your energies in your heart and take slow gentle easy breaths. When you feel ready continue.

AA Metatron begins to place a beautiful pink blue and mauve blanket of light around your energy field. Breathe and receive this now taking a few moments.

AA Metatron nows places Metatron’s Cube through your auric field. Ask for this now for yourself. ┬áMetatron’s cube moves around through your aura and then into your chakras gently cleansing and clearing all that is not in divine order for your being at this time. Breathe and receive this now. Allow many moments for this to complete as Metatrons cube moves through all pathways of your body allowing gently for all to clear and rebalance. Allow plenty of time for this to complete deeply for you.

AA Michael steps forth to you and places the sword of truth down through your chakra column gently threading down all the way through your chakras. The light of the sword of truth illuminates all your chakras as this is occurring breathe and allow this now. Feel the light emanating through your chakras allowing it to return to its highest integrity at this time. Breathe and allow. Axitonally aligning all your chakras.

Lord Sananda places a beautiful golden hand of light over your heart now. Breathe and Receive this. A deep christed blessing is being offered to you now. allow several moments for this.

As Lord Sananda completes with the heart he places his hands now over the mind transmitting a balancing peaceful quietening of the mind. Breathe and receive this now.

AA Michael now begins to cocoon your energy body and energy field now with soft white gossamer veils of light. Breathe and receive this now for a few moments as it completes.

Breathe gently into the soles of your feet bringing yourself back to connection to your body. Take some moments with this.

Blessed Be.