By February 25, 2013 Blog

Archangelic Blessings

Archangel Michael steps forth into the sacred space around you and opens the field of Light. Take a moment to go within. Centre your energies in your heart and gently breathe for several moments.

AA Michael brings a large dodecahedron of Golden Crystal Light around your energy field now. This is placed around and through your aura  ….. breathe and receive this now. It gently adjusts and balances geometries of light around your auric field and through your merkabah. Breathe.

AA Michael now places the sword of truth down through your crown chakra gently threading it all the way down your chakra column. Breathe and receive this as it releases and clears anything that is not aligned with your highest truth.  Moving deeper and deeper into the pathways of your chakras releasing that which is not your highest truth. Deeper. Breathe. Allow.

AA Michael now places Crystal spheres of pure light in through your auric field. These merge with your energy and gently dissolve into pure light/love. Breathe as these dissolve bringing blessings to your body and soul. Take a moment for this to complete. Just allow.

A beautiful veil of pure white light is placed over your energy field now. Drawing out anything that is not aligned to your next steps on your path. All that is incompatible is being cleared now. Breathe and receive this now. Allow a few moments to complete. Just allow.

A crystal matrix is placed in your crown chakra …. recalibrating your awareness/consciousness. Aligning the meridians and pathways of the body. Bringing deeper balance to your body and emotions. Breathe and receive this now. Taking several moments.

A beautiful veil of Gold is placed around you. Sweeping around your aura and then settling in your energy field once again  ….. merging and dissolving.

AA Michael now weaves a cocoon of light around your energy field now …. sealing your energies. Take several moments to receive this. Breathing and receiving.

Breathe all the way through to the soles of your feet as you connect back to your body.

Blessed Be.